Perry School and Baby Moves were founded by Dawn Lesley Stewart in 2001 in New York City's West Village. For the last 20 years, Dawn has been a leader in creating engaging and innovative educational methods for babies, toddlers, and pre-schoolers. Perry School has quickly garnered a reputation as an oasis for learning, with groundbreaking and pioneering curriculums to match the artistic and creative environment. Dawn believes that the key to unlocking a child's potential involves stimulation, and that teaching begins at birth. In addition to Perry School and Baby Moves, Dawn has created Think Tank and NYC Kids Camps- both programs that support the importance of brain development from birth to age 6. Teach Kids to Give, another one of Dawn's initiatives, gives children the opportunity to engage in charity work with homeless children and teaches her students the importance of giving back to those in need at a very young age. Each program that Dawn has created is unique and special in their own way, but the common thread through each one is they give young children a place to explore and express themselves while engaging in learning to unlock their highest potential.


Why the Biggest Baby Class Ever?

 With many schools and programs closing, It is imperative that programs like Baby Moves and Perry School continue to thrive and maintain a high level of education for our children. The goal is to not only to build back our community stronger but to prepare and inspire our future generation of leaders. We look forward to bringing everyone together for this very special event.


-Dawn Lesley Stewart